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2ft tripod
3ft tripod
4ft tripod
9” skillet
Trammel Hook
6” cooking pot
8” cooking pot
12” cooking pot
Viking Grill exc
Tripod £70
Complete firepit
For field cooking
Cooking pit to fit
Large tripod
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14” skillet
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A note about the pots and other cooking equipment. All pots and skillets are pre seasoned
and ready for cooking on. Bear in mind that they will rust over time, so after use they should
be washed, dried and then the surface lightly oiled with a vegetable oil. Pots can be with or without feet.
The large firebowl is the price stated, but a deal exists that if you buy the firebowl, tripod
and the 1 gallon pot, I throw in a trammel hook for free.
Due to popular demand, the firepit (the rectangular one) now contains: 2 swivel grills, a pot hook
and a small animal spit. It is now slightly lower to the ground (18”) and now has a rail around
The tray so you can burn either charcoal or wood.
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